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Art on the move in the city of temporariness1635
Fra shoppingcenter til by : en undersøgelse af det integrerede shoppingcenter1367
Design support at the front end of the New Service Development (NSD) process : the role of touch-points and service personality in supporting team work and innovation processes1226
Negotiating grasp : embodied experience with three-dimensional materials and the negotiation of meaning in early childhood education1223
Bitvis byutvikling : møte mellom privat eiendomsutvikling og offentlig byplanlegging1166
Transformation of Kikuyu traditional architecture : case study of homesteads in lower Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri, Kenya998
Immersion in mixed reality spaces957
Service innovation through touch-points : development of an innovation toolkit for the first stages of new service development920
The strategic use of service design for leaders in service organizations910
Systemic design in complex contexts : an enquiry through designing a ship's bridge737